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Current Job Opportunities


Kitchen Ready Teaching Chef.  The Kitchen Ready Teaching Chef is responsible for assisting with the preparation of meals for weekly lunch service and other GO events, and collaborating with the Executive Chef on the Kitchen Ready training curriculum to ensure that training cycle dates, hours and content successfully prepare students for jobs in the culinary industry. The Teaching Chef leads students through daily lessons as well as community feeding events that provide students with real-world work experience, and provides leadership, mentoring and other support to students. Click here to view the full job description and instructions on how to apply.


Mobile Kitchen (Food Truck) Supervisor. The Food Truck Supervisor is responsible for managing a team of Mobile Truck employees and providing meals via the Green Opportunities Mobile Kitchen (food truck) in various environments and on weekends as necessary. The position will be responsible for menu writing and possess a working knowledge of seasonal food products. The position will be responsible for the overall mechanical maintenance of the Mobile Kitchen and maintain the kitchen according to or above the cleanliness criteria established by governing standards/agencies of the industry. The position is responsible for representing Green Opportunities in public by conducting themselves in accordance to Green Opportunities code of conduct. Click here to view the full job description and instructions on how to apply.


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