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Catering Chef

Reporting to the Kitchen Ready Program Manager (Program Manager), the Catering Chef is responsible for the daily management of Green Opportunities’ Southside Kitchen Catering social enterprise, which provides and distributes all of the culinary needs for catered events and business contracts. This position is responsible for managing existing and potential catering clients; scheduling catering events and maintaining the catering calendar; providing menu options and pricing in response to catering inquiries and requests; drafting catering services contracts for catering clients; and coordinating accounts payable activities with the Finance Department. The Catering Chef also works closely with the Kitchen Ready training program to train students in basic food preparation skills to assist with the production and distribution of catered events and business contracts. Click here to read the full job description.


Job Developer – YouthBuild

The Job Developer is responsible for providing employment support and placement opportunities for members enrolled in GO’s YouthBuild training program. GO’s YouthBuild program provides skills training in the construction trades coupled with academic training that will lead to a GED for unemployed young adults ages 16-24. Helping those students become ready to enter the workforce, this position is responsible for networking with the private and public sectors to develop career-building opportunities for YouthBuild members. The Job Developer is also responsible for providing data entry support to the YouthBuild Coordinator to complete all necessary eligibility documents to ensure compliance with YouthBuild regulations and requirements. Click here to read the full job description.


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