About GO

Our Mission


Green Opportunities’ mission is to support marginalized communities toward employment through job training and service. 



Our Vision


We envision equitable and healthy communities where everyone has access to economic opportunity.


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We accomplish our work through:


  • Job Training & Placement


Our Training Approach


  • On-the-job training for in-demand industries that offer clients a sense of accomplishment, provide relevant job knowledge and technical skills, and facilitate clients accessing jobs in their own communities. Students also work on hands-on projects, like assisting environmental, urban agriculture, and energy efficiency efforts, that have a tangible impact on community health.
  • Bundled holistic services to program clients, integrating technical and life skills training, entrepreneurial training, case management—to assess individual clients’ goals and barriers and link clients to appropriate community support services—and academic support to assist clients in achieving a high school diploma or GED.
  • Financial support in the form of stipends or temporary employment wages to provide a way out of financial crisis so that clients can focus throughout the training and placement period.
  • Close collaboration with neighborhood associations, community leaders and other active community members in our target neighborhoods to build trust and develop a sense of ownership. Working closely with like-minded businesses creates employment opportunities for program graduates.



Our Values


  • We enable through education.



    “Education is the most powerful weapon we have to change the world.” – Mandela

    We embrace the responsibility to design and facilitate effective and relevant training

    and service experiences.


    We believe in personal and economic empowerment.


    We persevere and are resilient.

    We promote greater equity and social mobility through increased opportunities.

    We promote sustainability and environmental justice through work to combat climate


    We use service as our method to put our mission, vision, and values into action.


    We believe in the power of community.


    We know our impact is delivered through positive personal relationships.

    We extend our reach through collaboration. We are stronger together than as



    We love fully and without judgment.


    We celebrate differences among us.

    We aim to meet people where they are and collaborate with participants and local

    resources to confront and overcome obstacles to employment.