Meet Michelle, now a Certified Peer Support Specialist


Looking to make a change, 31-year-old Michelle enrolled in GO’s Ready-to-Work program last March.


A single mother of two boys, she’d been steadily employed in the fast food industry for over a decade, but she wanted more for her life and her family. Michelle recognized that her true passion was helping and caring for others, yet she worried that her history of incarceration would be a barrier to career progression.


At GO, Michelle worked closely with her case manager, Michael Hayes, to develop an education and employment plan that would capitalize on her strengths and create rapid results. Having faced serious mental health struggles throughout her life, she expressed interest in training to become a Certified Peer Support Specialist.


In July, with support and financial assistance from GO, Michelle secured a spot in the wait-listed Peer Support Specialist training at Vaya Health. Mr. Hayes helped her build a professional resume and complete the purchase of a minivan from our partners at Working Wheels. Perhaps more importantly, he believed in her and let her know it.


By October, Michelle had received her PSS certification, and within weeks she’d secured a job at Mountainview Recovery as a Behavioral Technician earning a living wage and full benefits.


Michelle’s accomplished a lot this year, but she’s got her mind set on even bigger goals. At her GO graduation ceremony, she shared her plan to become a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and a homeowner.


“I am fully confident that I can achieve this goal with the help of Mr. Hayes and my own motivation,” says Michelle.


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